Han van de Graaf‘Us ‘ is Han, Leika & Lumi

I am Han van de Graaf, born in Heiloo, North-Holland, The Netherlands. 

Since January 2019 I live in Savonranta, Finland, to enjoy the quiet life in the middle of nature. I have a spacious house on a beautiful location right on the lake, surrounded by woods and lakes.

I try to enjoy, as much of my free time under the motto : carpe diem!
Since 2014 I have a dog “Leika“. I adopted her from a shelter in Poland. She’s a cross between a Labrador and a White Swiss Shepherd. In 2019 I adopted “Lumi‘ from the same shelter, as play mate for Leika. They are used to other people and they are kind to children.

You are most welcome!

Leika Leika Leika en LumiLumi

Last Updated on 21/03/2021